Free MenuMizar 8.5 Demo Program

The MenuMizar 8.5 demo is an exact copy of the version 8.5 program with one exception.  It has been modified to use sample data for the reports it prints.  Other than that, it will do everything that the MenuMizar 8.5 program will do!

The demo comes with a sample menu to get you started.  It also includes a sample resident file to merge with the menu.  There is a sample personal recipe file that illustrates how to include custom personal recipes.  And there is a sample pricing file that can be used to calculate food costs.

Use it to create cycle menus and to set up a resident file.  Create a personal recipe file by adding your own recipes.  Explore the food cost feature.  All the work that you do in the demo can be saved and later opened with a regular version of MenuMizar 8.5.

Print week-at-a-glance menus, spreadsheet of diets, production sheets, recipes, tray cards, nourishment labels, etc. for an example of each report.

With the demo, you can explore all functions of the program with no restrictions and no strings attached!

Download Free Demo Program Now


1.      Download the MenuMizar 8.5 file.

2.      Unzip the file to “extract all.”

3.      With all files in resulting folder, open the setup32.exe file.

4.      Install the demo program using all default settings.

5.      Use the MenuMizar 8.5 Demo icon to open the program.

If installed on a computer where “user rights” are an issue, see Installation Information.