MenuMizar Installation Information

Distribution and Installation

Program Installation Package

The MenuMizar program is distributed in two parts.  The first component is the program installation package and the second is program key.

The program installation package consists of 6 folders and 3 files.  The 6 folders are Bde501, config, Paradox, programs, Setup and Shared.  The 3 files are setup32.exe, and Uninst32.exe. They along with their contents, all must be the same location for installation.

A key file is needed to open the MenuMizar program.  It contains licensing information and must be purchased and installed in the program folder.

MenuMizar Web Site Downloading

MenuMizar programs can be downloaded from the MenuMizar web site.  They are transferred in Windows 10 zip folders.  With each download, the folder must be “unzipped” to extract its contents so that the installation program will run correctly.

Installation (Two Steps)

1.      Install the MenuMizar program by running (open) the setup32.exe file.  Follow the instructions in the installation program.  Important:  It is highly recommended that all default settings be used during the installation.

2.      Once completed, copy the key file (Ltcwd03.db) purchased separately, into the program folder replacing the file there.

Pre-MenuMizar 8.5 Versions

MenuMizar 8.11 and older versions were distributed on two CDs.  The first (identified, i.e., as Version 8.11) contains the program installation package.  The second Program Key disk contains the program key file.  Both also contain an AUTORUN.INF run file that initiates the installation program automatically on 32.bit versions of Windows.


64bit Computer Issues

Corel Paradox 9 Runtime is required to run MenuMizar programs.  Paradox is a 32bit program.  Along with MenuMizar, it runs on 64bit computers but some issues may need to be addressed.

MenuMizar Icons

The MenuMizar installation program, when run on 64bit computers, puts Corel Paradox 9 Runtime in the Program Files (x86) folder instead of the Program Files folder (32bit destination).  Therefore, it is necessary to modify the target line in pre-version 8.5 MenuMizar icons in order to launch Runtime and MenuMizar program.

For Pre-MenuMizar 8.5 Icons on 64bit Computers

1.      From the Windows Desktop, right-click the MenuMizar icon and choose Properties.

2.      In the Target field, modify the text to read "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corel\Paradox 9 Runtime\Programs\PDXRWN32.exe" –w C:\MIZAR8 C:\MIZAR8\LTCRUN8.SDL

For MenuMizar 8.5 Icons on 32bit Computers

1.      From the Windows Desktop, right-click the MenuMizar 8.5 icon and choose Properties.

2.      In the Target field, modify the text to read "C:\Program Files\Corel\Paradox 9 Runtime\Programs\PDXRWN32.exe" –w C:\MIZAR8.5 C:\MIZAR8.5\LTCRUN8.SDL

Note:  Part of the target line of pre-version 8 icons is different from those shown above.  For example, the end of the target line of a version 7 icon reads C:\MIZAR7 C:\MIZAR7\LTCRUN7.SDL and should not be changed.


User Rights Issues

MenuMizar Program Folder

The MenuMizar program requires that each user has Full Control of program files.  The installation program puts all files except one in the program folder on the local C Drive (the default for version 8.5 is C:\MIZAR8.5).  A user must have full control of this folder and all the file in it to run the MenuMizar program. File

The other, a paradox table management file named is installed on the C Drive.  Each MenuMizar user must be given full control of this file.  One solution is to have it moved to the MenuMizar program folder.

Moving the File to the Program Folder (Mizar8.5 Example)

1.      Using Windows Explorer, My Computer or the like, find the file named bdeadmin.exe.

(32bit computer location: C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE.)

(64 Bit computer location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\Common Files\BDE.)

2.      Open the bdeadmin.exe file then click on the Configuration tab to show file tree.

3.      Then in turn, click Drivers, Native and PARADOX to show the configuration settings.

4.      Change the NET DIR line from C:\ to C:\MIZAR8.5.

5.      Move the cursor to the next line then click Object|Apply to save the change then close all windows.

Giving Users Full Control of the Program Folder (Mizar8.5 Example)

1.Using Windows Explorer, My Computer or like, find the Mizar8.5 folder.

2.Right-click the Mizar8.5 folder and choose Properties.

3.In the Mizar8.5 Properties window, click the Security tab then click Edit.

4.In the Permissions for Mizar8.5 window, select Full Control.


Multiple User Issues

Windows 10 User Profiles

All MenuMizar programs work for one user in the Windows 10 environment.  Once a MenuMizar program is installed and set up, the first user profile to open or create a menu or print a report with the program takes control of certain files.  These files remain in the ownership of the first user profile and are not released to any other user profile for use in the MenuMizar program.  That includes user profiles with administrative rights.

This issue can be overcome for the MenuMizar 8.11 version on the program by downloading and installing the Menuizar 8.12 Update.  Once the update files are installed, the program will work for multiple Windows 10 user profiles.

(Important Note: The program must be successfully opened and closed using the first user profile in order to initialize the update.  Also, all users thereafter must use the MenuMizar program’s Quit button to close the program.  If the program is inadvertently close in some other manner, the program must be opened and closed in the last user profile which opened the program.  That is, the Quit button must close the program before it can be used by a different user profile.)


Printer Issues

Printer Name Issue

The printer name can be an issue when printing reports using the MenuMizar program.  The problem occurs as follows:

·         The program compiles the report and displays it in the print preview window.

·         The program crashes when attempting to send the report to the printer.


In the Printer & scanners window (Start|Settings|Devices|Bluetooth &other devices|Printer & scanners), examine the list of printers.

With MenuMizar program closed, try the following:

1.      Rename the default printer.  If the default printer name is long and/or complex, give it a short and simple name (example: Dietary Printer).

2.      Choose a default printer.  Uncheck the “Let Windows manage my default printer” option.

3.      Modify the list of Printers and scanners.  If the list contains any names that are long and/or complex, give them short, simple names.  If the problem persists, other than the default printer, remove each printer one at a time until the problem is resolved.


MenuMizar Help File

The MenuMizar program Help file is not supported by 64bit computers.