System Requirements

MenuMizar is an application program developed for use with Corel Paradox 9 Runtime.  As such, your system must be capable of installing the MenuMizar application program and running Paradox.

Minimum System Requirements

Paradox 9

         Microprocessor: 80386 or higher.

         RAM: For Windows 95 or 98 - 8MB (12MB is recommended).  For Windows NT -12MB (16MB is recommended).  Performance improves with more memory.

         Hard Disk: A hard disk is required.  You need at least 12.5MB of free disk space to install Paradox Runtime and use it effectively.  The Paradox Runtime system files take 7.5MB.

         Video Monitor: VGA or higher.

         Microsoft Windows: Windows 95 or NT 3.51 or later.

         Mouse: Although not required, a mouse is recommended.

         Network: A network is not required, but Paradox Runtime supports any network that is 100% Windows-compatible.