Networking MenuMizar

MenuMizar was designed for stand alone computers and is licensed for use on one computer in one facility by one user at a time.  However, it can be installed on network computers at ONE facility for convenience, as long as it is used within the guidelines of the license agreement, that is to say that the software is used exclusively for the menu at that ONE facility.  The program may be installed on up to four (4) computers at that ONE facility.

Networking involves sharing files created by the MenuMizar software.  These files can be saved to any location in a Windows file system. The MenuMizar default directory is C:\MM8FILES.  The saved files are the only files that need to be shared in order to attain networking.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL MENUMIZAR ON THE SERVER TO ACCOMPLISH NETWORKING.  Networking is accomplished by installing the program on local computers and using a shared directory on the server or other media for the MenuMizar files you create.

Networking Instructions:

         Install the program on each workstation where the program will be used.

         Save and open the MenuMizar files to a shared directory on the server.

Note: When opened, MenuMizar files are copied into the MenuMizar program with no restrictions placed on the original files. That is, users on two computers can open the same file and make changes at the same time. However, the user who saves last (same location, same file name) will have their changes recorded. Changes made to a file by two users at once can not be merged.