Program Features

Some of what the program offers.


         You can set up cycle menus from 1 to 42 days in length and add up to 26 modified diets.

         You change the cycle length and the starting day of the cycle.

         You can create Combination Diets with the click of a button using 15 diet/food texture and 4 liquid consistency adjustments to the MenuMizar base diets.

Menu Assessment:

         You can generate a list that shows personal recipes and where they are used in a menu.

         You can generate a list that shows specific recipes or foods and where they are used in a menu.


         You can change the Dislikes associated with MenuMizar recipes.

         You can change the Diet Link Matrix associated with MenuMizar recipes.

         You can change the Combination Diet Matrix associated with MenuMizar recipes.

Resident File:

         You can add specific recipes to a resident's Do Not Serve list.  These DNS recipes function the same as Dislikes.

         You can De-activate a resident's record so that it can be excluded when printing tray cards and other reports.

         You can add or replace foods on a resident's menu for any day.

         You can change font size, style, type and color in the Tray Card Notes.

         You have separate fields for Adaptive Equipment and Allergy Notes.  You can generate reports that list the resident that have these special needs.

         You can generate a report for those residents who use Supplements.

Production Sheets:

         Production Summary report includes Resident Dislike data.

         Production Run capabilities allow you to generate Production Summary reports for sub-sets of your Resident population.

Tray Cards:

         You can choose a variety of Tray Card formats.

         You can add headings to food groups on the Tray Cards and enter custom names of each.

         Print sorting feature allows you to "cut and stack" your Tray Cards when you print by meal.

Saving MenuMizar Files:

         Safeguard in the Save File dialog box to prevent inadvertently saving the file currently open over other existing Menu, Resident, Recipe or Cost file.