Software for Food Service

MenuMizar software makes planning and managing cycle menus about as easy as it can get!  It is a fully integrated package that allows you to make menu level decisions while addressing the needs of individual residents.  The menu, in combination with the resident file, gives you a complete set of reports needed in the daily operation of the food service department of health service facilities.

Planning the Menu

         Design your menu to include a regular and up to 25 extended diets.  When writing your menu, choose from over 19000 standard, gourmet, regional, low-cost foods and recipes that come with the software.  The recipe database includes many brand-named products, popular foods and supplements.  You can easily create a cycle menu that meets most dietary or other needs.  And since you are choosing actual recipes and foods, you get the supporting data needed for nutrition analysis, recipe scaling and food safety standards as well.

Resident File

         The resident file allows you to create and maintain a list of residents.  It can be merged with your menu file to print a variety of reports needed on a daily basis or for documentation.  You can address food preferences and choose "do not serve" foods for each resident.  You can write notes, specify special equipment and address allergies issues for each resident.  Weight and intake tracking capabilities are also included.

Resident Specific Reports

         By merging the menu and resident files, you can print tray cards, nourishment labels and other reports that reflect the individual tastes and needs of each resident.  These changes to the planned menu are accounted for in the production sheets, purchasing list and other documents.  Weight analysis reports include calculations made over three and six month periods, a graphical representation of weight history and key calculations and data.  Calorie counting is quick and easy with an intake report that can be generated automatically.

No Recipe Data to Enter

         The software has all ingredients, instructions, weight to measure conversions and nutrition information in its recipe file.  If you have specific recipes that you wish to use, you can enter and add them to the recipe database.

No Special Training Required

         The program is set up to emulate how you would write a cycle menu by hand.  It's so easy to use that many of our users require no help at all.

Runs on Any Up-to-Date PC

         Ideal for smaller facilities and consulting dietitians who need low-cost, easy-to-use menu planning software.