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MenuMizar makes planning and managing your menu about as easy as it can get!  That's because it is a fully integrated package that allows you to make menu level decisions while addressing the needs of individual residents.  The menu, in combination with the resident file, gives you a complete set of reports needed in the daily operation of your food service department.

A Solution for Managing Cycle Menus in Health Care Facilities

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Menu File  Write up to 26 diets per menu file.  Add alternates to each diet as needed.  Choose from over 19,000 standard, gourmet, regional, low-cost foods and recipes included with the software or add your own.  Nutrition totals are calculated automatically.

Resident File  Information entered into the resident file lets you personalize the tray cards and nourishment labels you print.  Resident “dislikes,” allergies, special equipment needs, or food preferences can be addressed.  Personal changes to the menu are accounted for in the production sheets, purchasing list, calorie counts and other documents.  Tray card notes, weight tracking data, and progress notes can also be included.

Reports  The reports generated by the program include Week at a Glance, Spreadsheet of Diets, Production Summary, Temperature Log, Purchase Guide, Supplement Summary and Production Forecast.  There are also Tray Cards, Nourishment Labels, Weight Analysis and other reports needed on a daily basis.

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